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About GPTZero

GPTZero.me is an advanced AI detection platform specializing in the identification of text generated from large language models like ChatGPT. With extensive analysis at sentence, paragraph, and document levels to accurately distinguish AI-generated from human written content, this AI platform makes for the perfect way to detect potential scammers or fraudulent actors online.

Key Features:

  • Advanced AI Detection: GPTZero’s model has been trained on an expansive dataset containing both human-written and AI-generated texts to achieve high precision for detecting AI content.
  • Wide Applications: Trusted by over 2.5 million users worldwide, GPTZero serves a range of sectors – education, recruitment, publishing and legal.
  • Flexible Plans: GPTZero offers various subscription plans designed to fit each user’s specific needs. From free plans that cover basic features, to Essential and Premium plans that offer advanced ones like detailed grammar feedback, plagiarism detection and multilingual AI identification – there’s sure to be something suitable.
  • User-Friendly Integrations: Get access to GPTZero’s features through its user-friendly dashboard, Chrome extension and integrations with tools such as Microsoft Word and Canvas.

Why Choose GPTZero:

  1. Accuracy and Reliability: GPTZero is widely recognized as being one of the most accurate AI detectors across various use cases and outperforming competitors by continuously innovating its technology.
  2. Educational Focus: GPTZero was designed specifically to serve academic settings and is an efficient way for educators to detect AI usage within student submissions.
  3. Comprehensive Support: GPTZero offers comprehensive resources, from guides for teachers to responsive customer support services and regular upgrades of its detection models.

Company Vision:

Since its launch in January 2023, GPTZero has been dedicated to promoting responsible AI adoption. The platform emphasizes transparency and accuracy in AI detection, driven by a team of experts in machine learning, product design, and full-stack development. Their collective goal is to create a future where AI technology is beneficial and accessible to everyone.


What Is GPTZero?

GPTZero is an AI detection platform specifically tailored for text generated by large language models like ChatGPT. GPTZero serves various sectors including education, hiring, publishing and legal by providing precise analysis that separates artificially created from human-written content. For more details please visit GPTZero website.

How does GPTZero work?

GPTZero compares submitted text against patterns found both human-written and AI-generated content, such as web pages. Users can paste or upload files for analysis by the platform which gives an overall detection score as well as specific AI sections highlighted for review. Users can gain access to its features via its dashboard, Chrome extension and integrations with Microsoft Word and Canvas.

Who can benefit from using GPTZero?

  • Educators: AI usage must be detected within student submissions to maintain academic integrity and preserve academically valid outcomes.
  • Recruiters: To verify and authenticate candidate submissions.
  • Publishers: Verifying originality prior to publishing.
  • Legal Professionals: How to authenticate legal documents.
  • General Users: Checking for authenticity of any written material.

How much is GPTZero.me?

  • Free Plan: Include basic features with up to 10,000 words per month.
  • Essential Plan: Pay $10 monthly (billed annually ) and gain access to up to 150,000 words a month with plagiarism scanning, advanced grammar feedback, and up-to-the minute plagiarism protection.
  • Premium Plan: At just $16 per month (billed annually), this service covers up to 300,000 words each month with advanced AI deep scan, multilingual AI detection and downloadable AI reports.

Is there a GPTZero free trial?

Yes, GPTZero provides a free plan that allows users to explore its core features without incurring financial costs. This plan gives access to its dashboard and the Origin Chrome extension with up to 10,000 words available per month.

How accurate is GPTZero?

GPTZero has become known for its unsurpassed accuracy, regularly outperforming competing solutions across different use cases. Their technology remains up-to-date to maintain high levels of precision; verified by independent sources like TechCrunch as reliable.

Does GPTZero detect only ChatGPT outputs?

No. GPTZero can recognize outputs from an assortment of AI language models such as GPT-4, GPT-3, and LLaMA and related services.

What payment methods are available on GPTZero?

GPTZero provides various payment options, including major credit/debit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover), PayPal bank transfer for large orders as well as cryptocurrency.

How can I contact GPTZero for support or inquiries?

For support or inquiries, email support@gptzero.me, call (123) 456-7890 (Mon-Fri, 9 AM-6 PM EST), or use the live chat on our website. You can also mail us at GPTZero, 123 AI Street, Tech City, TX 12345, USA.

Money-Saving Tips and Hints

Exploit GPTZero free plans and trials: Take advantage of free plans and trials offered by GPTZero, such as its dashboard and Origin Chrome extension that allow you to scan up to 10,000 words every month without incurring a financial commitment. This provides a great opportunity for familiarizing yourself with this service without risk.

Select the most appropriate subscription: Evaluate your usage needs to select a cost-effective plan. The Essential plan, at $10 monthly (billed annually), offers up to 150,000 words a month, making it suitable for moderate users; for heavier usage, consider upgrading to Premium at $16 monthly (billed annually), offering advanced features and up to 300,000 words per month.

Look out for discounts and promotions: GPTZero offers discount codes and promotions during major sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Educational discounts: As an educator, take advantage of any available educational discounts or packages from GPTZero that could drastically cut costs. Reach out to customer service for details regarding available educational discounts that could significantly lower costs.

Batch processing: When dealing with large volumes of text, take advantage of the batch processing feature available in paid plans to simultaneously upload and scan multiple files – saving both time and money in the process.

Opt for annual billing: Choose annual billing instead of monthly payments to save up to 33% in savings over time. Annual billing provides significant reductions on subscription costs over an entire year, providing significant cost-cutting potential.

How to use a GPTZero promo code

Use a GPTZero promo code and save on your next purchase with steps:

  1. Choose a promo code: Select an active GPTZero discount code from our list and click “Show Coupon” to automatically copy it to your clipboard.
  2. Select your plan: Please select your product or plan and add it to your shopping cart.
  3. Create an account or log in: Firstly, create an account. If you already have one, log into it now!
  4. Enter promo code: On the checkout page, enter your promo code into the ‘Promo Code’ field and press ‘Apply.’ Your discounted pricing will be displayed instantly!
  5. Complete payment: Make sure that the discount has been applied.
  6. Confirm and enjoy: Submit payment information, review your order, and place it.

GPTZero Coupon Code FAQs

What is the current best GPTZero coupon code?

Current best GPTZero coupon code provides a 30% discount, providing significant savings on subscription costs. Our list showcases only the most valuable GPTZero discounts and is frequently updated to bring you access to the newest and greatest promo codes online – stay tuned for regular updates to maximize savings and take advantage of promotional offerings.

How many active GPTZero promo codes are available today?

Currently, GPTZero offers 1 exclusive promo code and 11 other deals, providing customers with various opportunities to save on their purchases from GPTZero.me.

Do GPTZero discount codes apply to all products?

GPTZero offers various packages – Essential, Premium, and Professional

Their promotions often change, so it is essential to stay current on which plans qualify for discounts using their GPTZero discount codes which could apply to one or all of these plans.

Are there GPTZero coupons for new customers?

GPTZero frequently provides special coupons and discounts to new customers, making using their services more cost-effective. These discounts may provide significant savings on initial purchases or subscriptions with GPTZero; make sure to follow their promotions to take advantage of any such opportunities!

Are there GPTZero promotional codes for recurring orders?

Some GPTZero promo codes provide substantial savings opportunities on subscriptions or repeat purchases, offering monthly recurring discounts or one-time discounts – take advantage of both types of offers to maximize your savings with GPTZero!

Do I need an account to use a GPTZero coupon code?

Yes, an account is necessary to redeem a GPTZero coupon code and manage subscriptions efficiently. Some promotions might allow you to enter the coupon code before creating your account, giving you access to discounts during checkout while also keeping track of orders and subscriptions easily

Can I combine multiple GPT Zero coupon codes on one purchase?

No. GPT Zero only permits one promo code per order. Any attempt at using multiple coupons will result in only the first being accepted; to maximize savings, select the coupon that offers the greatest savings for your purchase.

Are sitewide GPTZero.me coupon codes available?

GPTZero provides customers with various coupon codes designed to maximize savings. Some provide sitewide discounts that let you save across all products; while others target specific products so you can maximize savings with every purchase.

Can I use a GPTZero discount code on sale promotions?

GPTZero discount codes may or may not qualify for sale promotions depending on their terms and conditions. Some can be combined with sale discounts to save even more, while others may exclude certain products from sale promotions altogether. Always read carefully the details of each promo code before applying it towards sales promotions and maximize savings!

Why is the GPT Zero promo code field missing at checkout?

If the GPT Zero coupon code field does not appear during checkout, this could be because discounts are provided through another method. Instead of offering discount codes as such, GPTZero could provide deals or discounts that automatically apply to eligible products or orders without needing codes to activate.

How often are new GPTZero promo codes released?

New GPTZero promo codes are released frequently to provide customers with extra savings. While updates don’t follow a set schedule, they often increase during major sales events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as seasonal promotions. To stay informed of our most up-to-date discounts, visit our website regularly for new coupon codes or special offers!

Where can I find GPTZero coupon codes?

Here you will find an excellent collection of GPTZero coupon codes offering great savings opportunities and great bargains. Each coupon has been tested individually to guarantee you receive the maximum discounts possible.

How can I find the latest GPTZero deals?

Stay abreast of all of GPTZero’s latest offers by frequently visiting our website. We provide real-time updates of available promo codes and discounts so you never miss a chance to save. Plus, our site regularly features exclusive GPTZero discounts – don’t forget to come back often so that you don’t miss out!

What to do if a GPTZero discount code doesn’t work

1. Check the expiry date: Make sure the discount code is still active. Expired codes will not work.
2. Enter the code correctly: Enter the code exactly as provided, including correct capitalization and avoiding extra spaces.
3. Review terms and conditions: Check if there are any conditions, like minimum purchase amounts or specific plans the code applies to.
4. Try a different code: If one code doesn’t work, try another from our updated list. We continually refresh it with the latest deals.
5. Explore other promotions: If the code fails, check out other promotions or sales that don’t require a code.
6. Check your account status: Some discounts are only for new customers. Verify if your account status affects the code’s applicability

We frequently update our GPTZero coupon codes to ensure you have access to the latest and best discounts. Watch out for seasonal sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Sale, and New Year Sale. Don’t forget to revisit for newly released GPTZero coupon codes.