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About Shifter

Shifter was launched as an industry leader for residential proxy services and data collection tools in 2012, distinguished by their comprehensive solution and robust infrastructure. Serving both startups and Fortune 500 companies alike with cutting-edge technologies and exceptional customer support services, this dependable provider stands as a beacon of trusted leadership within this sector of service provision.

Key Features of

  1. Global IP Coverage:
    • Access over 50 million IP addresses globally to provide comprehensive coverage in any region or country.
    • Proxy services for key markets including USA, UK, Germany, Australia and China.
  2. Comprehensive Proxy Solutions:
    • Fast Residential Proxies: These proxies have been tailored specifically for rapid data scraping and gathering, offering IP rotation times as low as one minute – ideal for high-frequency tasks that necessitate fast IP changes to avoid detection and blocking.
    • Rotating Residential Proxies: These proxies switch IP addresses at configurable intervals to enhance geotargeting for increased data extraction success rates.
    • Static Residential Proxies: Provide stable IP addresses with unlimited traffic capacity and fast speeds – perfect for reliable connections that provide consistent results.
    • Sneaker Proxies: Optimized for eCommerce and sneaker trading, our system ensures fast and safe transactions.
    • On-Demand Proxies: Enable users to request specific residential IPs via one entry point with customizable parameters for location and country.
  3. Advanced Data Gathering Tools:
    • Scraping API: Proxy management with advanced scraping capabilities – JavaScript rendering and CAPTCHA solving among them.
    • SERP API: Extract search engine results in JSON format, providing SEO and marketing intelligence analysis capabilities.
  4. Cloud Hosting:
    • Attentive Cloud offers ultra-low latency cloud infrastructure designed to support fast data operations with guaranteed fast and reliable performance.
  5. High Anonymity and Security:
    • Advanced technologies allow us to mimic real user behaviour, providing greater anonymity and making proxies difficult to detect.
  6. Developer-Friendly Integration:
    • Supports multiple protocols (HTTP/S & Socks 4/5) with easy integration to third-party tools via an intuitive user panel and API.

Benefits of Using Shifter

  • 99.99% Uptime: Attain excellent connectivity and reliability to ensure successful operations.
  • Ultra-Fast Speeds: Attain excellent connectivity and reliability to ensure successful operations.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Support team available round the clock.
  • Scalability: With instantaneous scaling options to meet varying project sizes and demands without impacting performance.

Use Cases can accommodate an extensive list of applications, such as:

  • Ad Verification: Making sure ads reach their intended audiences effectively and on schedule.
  • Brand Protection: Guard against and control unapproved use of brand assets.
  • SEO Monitoring: Monitoring search engine performance and keyword rankings.
  • Sales Intelligence: Gathering competitive intelligence to inform business strategies.
  • Talent Sourcing: Finding and recruiting top talent using data-driven approaches.

Why Choose Shifter stands out as an attractive solution for businesses searching for efficient data collection. From web scraping, brand protection and SEO monitoring services to data mining capabilities – Shifter provides everything needed for businesses in this data-driven world to succeed!


How much does Shifter cost?

Shifter offers a range of pricing plans to meet different needs:

  • Basic Rotating Proxies: Starting at $99.98 per month for 5 ports.
  • Special Rotating Proxies: Starting at $199.99 per month for 5 ports.
  • Static Residential Proxies: Starting at $74.99 per month for 25 ports.
  • Static Residential Proxies: Coming soon
  • On Demand Proxies: Coming soon
  • Sneaker Proxies: Starting at $74.99 per month for 25 ports.
  • Web Scraping API: Starting at $44.99 per month for 100,000 credits.

What is a rotating residential proxy (backconnect proxy)?

A rotating residential proxy, commonly referred to as backconnect proxies, connects to Shifter’s entire proxy pool and receives new residential IP addresses at predefined intervals – providing highly anonymity web scraping/data gathering while protecting IP bans and IP blacklistings. This feature makes Shifter especially suitable for web scraping/data gathering applications with its frequent IP changes that provide maximum anonymity protection while keeping IP bans away.

What are the differences between special rotating proxies and basic rotating proxies?

Special Rotating Proxies offer advanced geo-targeting features and access to high-demand websites like Amazon, Gmail and social media platforms while basic Rotating Proxies provide random geolocated IPs without access to such popular destinations or geotargeting capabilities.

What is a fast rotating residential proxy?

Fast Rotating Residential Proxies are specifically tailored for fast data scraping and gathering tasks with IP rotation times as quick as 1 minute; perfect for high frequency data collection tasks that necessitate quick IP changes or high volume scenarios requiring fast IP changes.

How do Shifter proxies assure anonymity and security? proxies use advanced technology to replicate user behaviour, providing high anonymity while making it harder for websites to identify them as proxy proxies – this helps prevent IP bans while simultaneously maintaining access to target websites without disruptions or restrictions.

What protocols does Shifter support?

Shifter proxies support multiple protocols, including HTTP/S and Socks 4/5 for easy integration with various third-party tools and applications.

What kind of customer support does provide?

Shifter provides round the clock customer support that’s always there when users encounter any problems. Their dedicated support team are on call round-the-clock ready to offer technical assistance or answer queries from users.

Is there a Shifter free trial available?

Yes, provides free trials of their residential proxy servers to both enterprises and companies alike; individuals qualify for three day trials while enterprise users get seven.

What payment methods does accept?

Shifter accepts an array of payment options to accommodate users worldwide, such as major credit cards (Visa, Master Card and American Express), PayPal payments and cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin).

Money-Saving Tips and Hints

Take advantage of Shifter free trial: Utilize’s 3-day and 7-day free trials for individuals to test our services without making a financial commitment.

Take advantage of Shifter promo codes and discounts: Be on the lookout for’s promo codes and discount coupons regularly as these can offer significant savings up to 40% on select plans.

Monitor usage: Keep track of how much proxy and API usage there is to stay within plan limits and avoid extra charges.

Opt for larger plans: Larger plans typically provide lower per unit costs; for instance, in the Special Rotating Proxies Plan:

  • 5 Special Rotating Proxies: $199.99 monthly ($39.998 per proxy).
  • 10 Special Rotating Proxies: At $299.99 a month ($29.999 per proxy), this plan offers approximately 25% savings per proxy compared to its predecessor plan of 5-proxy access.
  • 25 Special Rotating Proxies: At $599.99 a month ($23.9996 per proxy), this plan offers approximately 40% savings per proxy compared to its predecessor: 5-proxy plan.

Opting for larger plans can significantly cut costs per proxy and provide better value when catering to extensive requirements.

How to use a Shifter coupon code

Use a Shifter coupon code and save on your next purchase with steps:

  1. Choose a coupon code: Select an active Shifter discount code from our list and click “Show Coupon” to automatically copy it to your clipboard.
  2. Select your plan: Please select your product or plan and add it to your shopping cart.
  3. Create an account or log in: Firstly, create an account. If you already have one, log into it now!
  4. Enter coupon code: On the checkout page, enter your coupon code into the ‘coupon code’ field and press ‘Apply.’ Your discounted pricing will be displayed instantly!
  5. Complete payment: Make sure that the discount has been applied.
  6. Confirm and enjoy: Submit payment information, review your order, and place it.
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Shifter Promo Code FAQs

What is the current best Shifter promo code?

Current best Shifter promo code provides a 30% off, providing significant savings on subscription costs. Our list showcases only the most valuable Shifter discounts and is frequently updated to bring you access to the newest and greatest coupon codes online – stay tuned for regular updates to maximize savings and take advantage of promotional offerings.

How many active Shifter coupon codes are available today?

Currently, Shifter offers 6 exclusive coupon code and 10 other deals, providing customers with various opportunities to save on their purchases from

Do Shifter discount codes apply to all products?

Shifter offers various packages – rotating residential proxies, sneaker proxies, static residential proxies, Scraping API.

Their promotions often change, so it is essential to stay current on which plans qualify for discounts using their Shifter discount codes which could apply to one or all of these plans.

Are there Shifter coupons for new customers?

Shifter frequently provides special coupons and discounts to new customers, making using their services more cost-effective. These discounts may provide significant savings on initial purchases or subscriptions with Shifter; make sure to follow their promotions to take advantage of any such opportunities!

Are there Shifter promotional codes for recurring orders?

Some Shifter coupon codes provide substantial savings opportunities on subscriptions or repeat purchases, offering monthly recurring discounts or one-time discounts – take advantage of both types of offers to maximize your savings with Shifter!

Do I need an account to use a Shifter promo code?

Yes, an account is necessary to redeem a Shifter promo code and manage subscriptions efficiently. Some promotions might allow you to enter the promo code before creating your account, giving you access to discounts during checkout while also keeping track of orders and subscriptions easily

Can I combine multiple Shifter io promo codes on one purchase?

No. Shifter io only permits one coupon code per order. Any attempt at using multiple coupons will result in only the first being accepted; to maximize savings, select the coupon that offers the greatest savings for your purchase.

Are sitewide promo codes available?

Shifter provides customers with various promo codes designed to maximize savings. Some provide sitewide discounts that let you save across all products; while others target specific products so you can maximize savings with every purchase.

Can I use a Shifter discount code on sale promotions?

Shifter discount codes may or may not qualify for sale promotions depending on their terms and conditions. Some can be combined with sale discounts to save even more, while others may exclude certain products from sale promotions altogether. Always read carefully the details of each coupon code before applying it towards sales promotions and maximize savings!

Why is the Shifter io coupon code field missing at checkout?

If the Shifter io promo code field does not appear during checkout, this could be because discounts are provided through another method. Instead of offering discount codes as such, Shifter could provide deals or discounts that automatically apply to eligible products or orders without needing codes to activate.

How often are new Shifter coupon codes released?

New Shifter coupon codes are released frequently to provide customers with extra savings. While updates don’t follow a set schedule, they often increase during major sales events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as seasonal promotions. To stay informed of our most up-to-date discounts, visit our website regularly for new promo codes or special offers!

Where can I find Shifter promo codes?

Here you will find an excellent collection of Shifter promo codes offering great savings opportunities and great bargains. Each coupon has been tested individually to guarantee you receive the maximum discounts possible.

How can I find the latest Shifter deals?

Stay abreast of all of Shifter’s latest offers by frequently visiting our website. We provide real-time updates of available coupon codes and discounts so you never miss a chance to save. Plus, our site regularly features exclusive Shifter discounts – don’t forget to come back often so that you don’t miss out!

What to do if a Shifter discount code doesn’t work

1. Check the expiry date: Make sure the discount code is still active. Expired codes will not work.
2. Enter the code correctly: Enter the code exactly as provided, including correct capitalization and avoiding extra spaces.
3. Review terms and conditions: Check if there are any conditions, like minimum purchase amounts or specific plans the code applies to.
4. Try a different code: If one code doesn’t work, try another from our updated list. We continually refresh it with the latest deals.
5. Explore other promotions: If the code fails, check out other promotions or sales that don’t require a code.
6. Check your account status: Some discounts are only for new customers. Verify if your account status affects the code’s applicability

We frequently update our Shifter promo codes to ensure you have access to the latest and best discounts. Watch out for seasonal sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Sale, and New Year Sale. Don’t forget to revisit for newly released Shifter promo codes.